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Sunglasses: Protect your Eyes

Sunglasses can be a very important item for any wardrobe. Most men own more than one pair and many own several pairs - from casual to dress. They can highlight a color of your clothing or even make a statement on their own. However, the most important reason for wearing sunglasses has nothing to do with your wardrobe at all.  

We all remember the full eclipse of 2017.  Everyone was pounding into our brain not to look at the eclipse with our bare eyes in order to avoid irreparable damage to our retinas. The reason for this is obvious. The sun's rays are bad for your eyes. Because of this simple fact, your sunglasses may be the most important aspect of your wardrobe. 

Like you, when I go to buy sunglasses, I am usually not thinking about the health features to them, but rather, first, do they compliment my face and second, do they fit into my overall style. The last thing I ever thought about was to pay attention to things which could be very important to the health of my eyes and their future vision. 

Those cheap $5 sunglasses which you thought were such an awesome bargain just may be giving back more than you bargained for in return. Put your eyes behind a dark lens and your eye's pupils vastly expand opening to take in even more harmful UV light.  Those bargain sunglasses are actually doing the opposite of what you intended. Why? Because cheap sunglasses rarely have the right type of UV protection if they have it at all. 

There are two types of UV light which are harmful to the eye - UVA and UVB. Exposure to these can cause cataracts, macular degeneration and the development of a rare type of cancer, ocular melanoma. Your eyes are way too important to take a chance with a cheap pair of sunglasses. 

So, you buy the expensive pair of Calvin Klein sunglasses offering the right amount of eye protection. However, if you are you are not caring for your sunglasses in the same way you would regular eyeglasses you may defeat the health benefits of those Calvin's. How many of you throw your sunglasses in the car door pocket, the middle car console, in your briefcase or backpack without first putting them in a case? Come on, I will admit my guilt. Sure, we do it. However, did you know that if you scratch the protective coating off one of the lenses by not properly caring for them it will let in harmful light? I never even considered it. How many times have you put on a scratched pair of glasses? Okay, most of you had better be raising your hands because you know most of us have. Remember the eye dilates and lets in more light and then those scratches are letting in more dangerous rays to harm your eye. So if you have scratched lenses, it is time for a new pair of sunglasses. 

Did you know 80% of the damage UV does to your eyes can happen within the first twenty years of life? Many of us over the age of twenty simply cannot afford to take any more chances with our eye health. Those of you who have loved ones under the age of twenty should teach them good eye health and get them a good pair of sunglasses. With a little care your eyes will continue to serve you well. Of course it is always fun shopping for a great pair of Deisel, Calvin Klein, Guess, Polaroid, Dsquared2 or the many other types of good sunglasses on our site which not only look great but more importantly will protect your precious eyes. 
As always, we've got you covered with all the protection and style that you deserve.
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