Watches And The Modern Man

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Watches And The Modern Man

There was a time in fashion history when a man would buy one watch and one watch only. That one watch would be expected to last him for his lifetime. Often men got married, had kids, divorced, and were buried with one single practical watch attached faithfully to their wrists. So much so, you can almost hear all of that practical ticking coming from their graves.

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That one single watch would be tasked with providing multiple duties for everything in everyday life for year upon year and decade upon decade. It was the watch the man would wear to work. The same watch he would wear for a night out on the town. The point is that one watch would be expected to last a lifetime. I know, boring - right? But it was a more practical time in men’s fashion where a watch was completely a utilitarian item for a man and had very little to do with how it looked. Thankfully for modern men the times have changed and the watch has now become not only a status and fashion statement for man, but its usefulness is no longer regulated to just one boring watch. There are many different type of watches with different functions for each. With all of the choices we have it can be hard to navigate through the different types and functionality we not only need but the different styles to match our moods and varying personas.

There are 12 different types of watches to consider when adding watches to your wardrobe. Crazy, right? Well, relax. I am going to help you understand the different types in order to help you decide which watches from Maletropolis are best for you and your lifestyle.

1. Analog Watch – This is most likely the most traditional style of watch. It has the traditional clock face with regular or roman numbers. It also sports an hour hand, minute hand and some even have a sweeping second hand.


2. Digital Watch – The digital watch has a display which shows the hour, minutes, and sometimes seconds in digital numbers. Simple enough in design, it is one of the many culprits which has left a whole generation of adults not knowing how to read a clock.


3. Self-Winding Watch – This is a watch which does not need to be wound and does not need to have batteries replaced. The winding of this watch happens by movement of the wearer’s arm and hand. There is a half-disc metal weight called a rotor which spins when the arm is moved and energy can be stored up to 24 to 48 hours even after the watch is removed. This allows the watch to continue to keep time while its owner is sleeping or doing other things. Pretty cool feature when you think about it. How many have forgot to wind a watch or even worse replace its batteries? Sure we all one or two dead watches we will wear again someday once we get some batteries. I personally had a Citizen digital watch from the disco era, which I always intended to get batteries for but never did. The self-winding type of watch would serve me well.


4. Chronograph Watch – Now this is simple explanation, it is a stopwatch. It is your usual watch, which has the additional feature of being able to keep track of how much time has passed. It has a button or buttons on it side, which will start and stop the time tracking feature. That button or buttons will also be pushed to reset the time tracking to zero. It is useful for sporting events, races, or anytime you want to keep track of how much time has passed.


    5. Diver’s Watch – This is a watch which can stay waterproof usually between a depth of 200 to 300 m (660 to 980 ft). As you can guess it would be important to be able to be track of time for many reasons while diving.

    6. Dress Watch – This is a simple elegant watch without a lot of bells and whistles. It is often understated in its simplicity but elegant in its overall look. I often think of a simple black watch with a simple clock face.


      7. Quartz Watch - A quartz watch is a watch powered by an electronic oscillator synchronized by quartz crystal. The electric current causes the quartz inside to pulsate with a precise frequency. The frequency in return is then broken down through an integrated circuit where power is released through a small stepping motor setting the watch hands in motion. Quartz watches will need battery replacements from time to time. The second hand  on a watch will have individual ticks for the seconds. Think of those old Timex commercials with the ticking watches. Those were quartz watches. This is the type of watch most men will wear to work or the office.  


      8. Mechanical Watch - A mechanical watch is a watch that uses a mechanism to measure the passage of time. It is driven by a spring, which is called a mainspring. The wearer of this type watch must wind it periodically. The second hand on the mechanical watch is a sweeping hand which goes around the dial and does not tick. 

        LAKARA WOOD WATCH9. Aviator Watch – These are very reliable and sturdy watches. They have adorned the wrists of pilot’s for years and is sometimes referred as a Pilot Watch. 


        1. Field Watch – The field watch was originally designed for military field officers. This type of watch was used for those who needed to coordinate attacks. This watch had to withstand the hard-hitting forces of battle as well as its wearer being able to read its time at night. The look of this watch screams military. It is a practical but still stylish in form, function and looks.


        11. Smart Watch – This watch is basically a mini-computer  worn on the wrist. It will have menu of functions, which go above and beyond just the simple telling of time. This watch can keep track of your heartbeat, your sleeping habits, how many steps you take in a day - just name a few of its many functions.


          12. Luxury Watch – This is a watch which is for the watch connoisseur. This watch is of the highest quality and precision. Unlike its brother the Dress Watch, this watch is made to be seen and draw attention. It is a complete and total status statement to wear. It is made of only the best metals and it often will be encrusted with gemstones. The Rolex would absolutely fall into the category of the luxury watch. The Rolex featured below from our Maletropolis watch collection is a classic luxury diamond encrusted watch for a price of $49,695.00. 


          I hope this helps to clarify the different watch types available. As modern men we own way more than one watch. We buy our watches not only for function but also for style. Not only do our watches need to work but they also need to look good on our wrist. We like our watches in different colors, styles and shapes to match our moods and our clothes. For the modern man our watches have become an essential part of our wardrobe which in return requires us to own more than one.